Team # 980 -- Physical Therapy Student Worker/Volunteer Orientation Team
Student Affairs

January 2011


To improve student satisfaction with volunteer/work experience at University Health Services and specifically in the Physical Therapy Department. In April 2010, we measured by student survey to determine student perceptions regarding quality of training, facilities, supervision, time commitment, staff interaction, opportunities to learn/practice new skills, career advancement, and overall experience in the P.T. Department.

Team Membership

  • Linda Eck, Leader
  • Ken Hurd, Member
  • Ellen Jankowski, Member
  • Jennifer Reed, Member
  • Kristin Taylor, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    Results of the survey revealed:

    1. The majority of students were satisfied to very satisfied with their experience.
    2. 100% of students felt that training was appropriate for the role they performed.
    3. Orientation was considered too lengthy, and some suggested that it be divided over two weeks.
    4. Some felt that there was too much down time or too many volunteers in department at one time.

    The following corrective actions will be made in the orientation process:
    1. Divide orientation tour into two parts. Do first part of tour one week and second part the following week.
    2. Include information on reading/interpreting patient treatment logs in orientation tour.
    3. During orientation, instruct students that they are expected to be self-directed and to utilize down time to
    familiarize themselves with exercise equipment, do case studies, read articles or study.
    4. Work on scheduling students during times of expected patient appointments.

    We will remeasure the survey responses of orientees in the Spring of 2011.




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