Team # 982 -- Undergraduate Admissions Web Presence Team
Undergraduate Education

January 2010


To maintain the Undergraduate Admissions Office (UAO) Web site so that it meets the changing needs of our undergraduate prospective student populations as well as their influencers. This requires regular monitoring of design, functionality, and navigation to be certain that the UAO site is appealing in design, useful in functionality, and simple in navigation for all of our publics.

Team Membership

  • Anne Rohrbach, Sponsor
  • Garrick Bodine, Co-Chair
  • David Gildea, Co-Chair
  • David Kuskowski, Co-Chair
  • Craig Benner, Member
  • Jennie Daley, Member
  • Alison Herget, Member
  • Scott Lingle, Member
  • Jenni Mahute, Member
  • Jenna Spinelle, Member
  • Colton Williams, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    The team identified through the use of anecdotal information, focus groups, and usability study that the UAO site was losing its edge in the marketplace as an appealing and useful tool in conveying the essence of the Penn State experience as well as simply communicating the process through which students become part of the Penn State family. The team, working with current and prospective students, University Park staff, and campus colleagues, determined the elements most critical to bringing to life the Penn State experience, while also conveying the steps necessary to become a part of our 20 undergraduate communities. The result is a new, dynamic UAO web site that once again puts us in front of our competitors as we use technology to convey to our publics the Penn State experience.




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