Team # 990 -- Plant Sciences Undergraduate Curriculum Team
College of Agricultural Sciences

December 2010


To revitalize the College of Agricultural Sciences Undergraduate Plant Sciences Curriculum - majors and courses - by reviewing, studying, benchmarking, discussing, and proposing changes, alternatives, and/or new educational offerings across the plant sciences and related disciplines. The Team is to provide their recommendations to the Dean and Plant Sciences faculty in the college by the end of Spring 2011.

Team Membership

  • Marcos Fernandez, Sponsor
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Rob Berghage, Member
  • Katharine Butler, Member
  • John Carlson, Member
  • Dave Geiser, Member
  • Charles Heuser, Member
  • Kelli Hoover, Member
  • Heather Karsten, Member
  • Ellen Manno, Member
  • Tim McNellis, Member
  • Mike Saunders, Member
  • Max Schlossberg, Member
  • Dan Stearns, Member
  • Cindy Teeters, Staff Support

Results Achieved to Date

  • At this point the Plant Sciences baccalaureate degree proposal (with four options- agroecology, crop production, horticulture, and plant science) is under review at Faculty Senate. Hopefully, it will be approved by Faculty Senate and be forwarded to the BOT for final approval. Our plan is to concurrently being working on marketing and communication pieces for promotion and recruitment.

    Tracy Hoover
    August 10, 2012




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