Team # 993 -- The Resident Life Team
Penn State Schuylkill

February 2011


To review and assess the quality of the Resident Life experience at Penn State Schuylkill. We hope to support and increase student academic success and retention.

Team Membership

  • Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor
  • Pat Carroll, Director, Police Services
  • Stephen Couch, Director, Academic Affairs
  • Beth Ann Delaney, Continuing Education
  • Tammie Durham, Director, Enrollment Services
  • Peter Grahame, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Cheryl Holland, Business Adm and Operations Manager
  • Jonathan Kukta, Director of Housing and Food Services
  • Charles Law, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Kimberly Quinn, Assistant Director of Housing
  • Tina Rose, Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator
  • Matthew Swatchick, Director of Student Affairs
  • Jumah Taweh, Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results:

    We will measure our project against current retention, change of location requests, and other measures to be defined.




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