Team # 996 -- Online Undergraduate Admissions Application
Undergraduate Education

January 2009


To develop a new online undergraduate admissions application.

With input from Penn State campuses and colleges, many improvements were introduced to provide a more user-friendly experience for our 70,000+ yearly applicants. Improved navigation simplifies application completion and three different methods of selecting a program of study now assist applicants in aligning their interests to Penn State's diverse academic offerings. The new application was developed using methods and an infrastructure that will simplify maintenance and increase flexibility for future enhancements.

Team Membership

  • Anne Rohrbach, Sponsor
  • Gary Abdullah, Member
  • Mary Adams, Member
  • Amanda Bell, Member
  • Craig Benner, Member
  • Eric Biddle, Member
  • Garrick Bodine, Member
  • Lou Anne Caligiuri, Member
  • Donna Case, Member
  • Robert Coffman, Member
  • Jennie Daley, Member
  • Gary Gates, Member
  • David Gildea, Member
  • Rachel Gutierrez, Member
  • Linda Higginson, Member
  • Brett Hoffman, Member
  • Lynn Koehler, Member
  • David Kuskowski, Member
  • Scott Lingle, Member
  • Mary-Ellen Madigan, Member
  • Steve Mostert, Member
  • Deyo Olorunnisola, Member
  • Amy Pancoast, Member
  • Eric Reinhard, Member
  • Cathy Schwab, Member
  • JoAnn Shore, Member
  • Marty Smith, Member
  • Vince Timbers, Member
  • Peg Zimmerman, Member

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