Team # 1014 -- Penn State Altoona Sustainability Council
Penn State Altoona

September 2010



• to investigate best practices that might enhance campus sustainability and minimize its impact in terms of
resource extraction and use

• to work with administrative offices when recommending sustainability practices that require funding

• to create and coordinate activities and events that advance sustainability efforts on campus

• to create a campus environment compatible with the College’s education mission

Team Membership

  • Lisa Emili, Chair
  • Matthew Evans, Member
  • Mary Kananen, Member
  • Colin Lennox, Member
  • Lisa Litz, Member
  • Mike Long, Member
  • Ian Marshall, Member
  • Sherri McGregor, Member
  • Erin Nachman, Member
  • Douglas Orner, Member
  • Joanne Peca, Member
  • Katrina Pope, Member
  • David Uhler, Member
  • Rick Wareham, Member
  • Ashley Wilmot, Member
  • Jim Winsor, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results: Results Achieved:

    • First Commonwealth Campus to develop a charter for a Sustainability Council.

    • First Commonwealth Campus to receive funding for a sustainability project. We are exploring the use of planted
    riparian buffers to improve water quality in Spring Run. This work is funded by a Chancellor’s Development Fund

    • We are currently developing an electronic newsletter and will be piloting a website with assistance from the
    University Park Office of Sustainability.




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