Team # 1022 -- Intercollegiate Athletics/Penn State Orthopedics/Kinesiology Task Force
College of Health and Human Development / Intercollegiate Athletics

December 2010


To develop strategic recommendations that enhance programs, services and opportunities across the three units and maximize our collaborative efforts and ability to attract the highest quality faculty, staff and students. Our work centers around the established missions of EDUCATION, SERVICE, and RESEARCH and our teams efforts continue to be to work with the three unit heads to advance impactful initiatives.

Team Membership

  • Mark Sherburne, Chair
  • Bill Buckley, Member
  • Lauren Kramer, Member
  • Renee Messina, Member
  • John Miller, Member
  • Jon Salazer, Member
  • George Salvaterra, Member
  • Andra Thomas, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    So far our team has: completed and submitted strategic recommendations; met as a team with the unit heads to review those recommendations; conducted surveys and assessed results; taken action on a variety of initiatives related to improving the quality of the undergraduate and graduate experiences of athletic training students; adjusted staffing plans to improve athletic training coverage of our athletic teams; and explored new organizational structures for ICA athletic training that can improve managerial leadership opportunities among staff, operating efficiency, communication, and strategic planning.

    Future Planned Measurements:
    survey follow-up; exit interviews with faculty, staff and students; enrollment levels, etc.




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