Team # 1023 -- Intercollegiate Athletics/Bryce Jordan Center Communications Liaison Committee
Finance and Business / Intercollegiate Athletics

February 2011


To enhance the dialogue between members of the BJC and ICA staff so that arena calendar transparency and the information flow between the units is improved and “surprises” regarding scheduling and related items can be avoided. It is expected that this on-going and substantive interaction will result in a better understanding of perspectives and a more effective partnership going forward. This is a liaison group, meaning that the focus is on sharing information and strengthening communication.

Team Membership

  • Gail Hurley, Co-Chair
  • Mark Sherburne, Co-Chair
  • David Baker, Member
  • Adam Fisher, Member
  • Bob Howard, Member
  • Jenn James, Member
  • Rick James, Member
  • Al Karosas, Member
  • Maren Walseth, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    So far, substantial progress has been made in: improving communications, establishing a shared facility calendar, establishing protocol for communicating and resolving issues, editing University Policy AD-01 (scheduling priority for University arenas and auditoriums), and creating and implementing a new public access & security protocol for the BJC.




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