Team # 1030 -- International Letters Online
Undergraduate Education

March 2011


The goal of this team was to migrate admissions decision letters for international students away from a paper delivery and into a delivery through the students online MYPennState profile. We currently make all admissions decisions available to students online through MyPennState, however, these decisions are always followed up by a more detailed decision letter that is sent through the traditional mail. International mailing is both very expensive and, at times, unreliable. Additionally, international students are required to provide printed letters with signatures in order to obtain visa documents and therefore personalized and printable decision letters were needed.

Team Membership

  • David Kuskowski, Leader
  • Tom Alterio, Member
  • Garrick Bodine, Member
  • Kathryn Gaylord-Miles, Member
  • Alberto Gutierrez, Member
  • Rachel Gutierrez, Member
  • Cathy Schwab, Member
  • JoAnn Shore, Member
  • Marty Smith, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    We have been able to accomplish the complete delivery of international decision letters online through MyPennState and entirely eliminate the mailing of international decision letters. This has resulted in a more speedy and reliable delivery of decisions to international applicants as well as significant budget savings for Undergraduate Admissions from the elimination of print and mailing costs (approximately $20,000).




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