Team # 1031 -- University Libraries Collections Services Advisory Group
University Libraries

March 2012


To advise the Associate Dean for Collections, Information and Access Services. Recommend, establish, and implement policies, take part in national and international initiatives, explore and recommend allocation methods, support and recommend collections assessment activities, establish communication venues throughout the libraries, and lead preservation and access initiatives.

First year activities:
* Implement the collections assessment program
* Establish print retention policies in light of shared print storage
* Review budget allocation method
* Simplify approval plan
* Establish preservation standards and policies for University Libraries

Team Membership

  • Lisa German, Chair
  • Bob Alan, Member
  • Becky Albitz, Member
  • David Brennan, Member
  • Dawn Childress, Member
  • Gregory Crawford, Member
  • Mike Furlough, Member
  • Cecily Giardina, Member
  • Janet Hughes, Member
  • Sue Kellerman, Member
  • Kim Patishnock, Member
  • Henry Pisciotta, Member
  • Timothy Pyatt, Member
  • Nonny Schlotzhauer, Member
  • Ann Snowman, Member
  • Jack Sulzer, Member
  • David Van de Streek, Member
  • Gary White, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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