Team # 1032 -- University Libraries Collections Retention Policy Working Group
University Libraries

March 2012


As we reflect on University Libraries’ strategic planning goal of accelerating the Libraries transition to digital content, our increased demand for space to accommodate student needs, budget retrenchment and the significant costs to acquire and retain materials within our facilities, the CRPWG is asked to:

* Evaluate PSUL’s current retention philosophy and program for Penn State University Libraries’ collections.
* Formulate a comprehensive retention policy for the next 10 years that considers:
o The emerging infrastructure of the retention landscape across North America and national initiatives
such as WEST which are emerging;
o Our role in Pennsylvania as a Statewide Library Resource Center, our membership in PALCI, and our
reputation as a flagship university;
o Our role as a partner in CIC’s Committee on Library Initiatives;
o The mission of Penn State as a Research 1 University and also the mission of the campus libraries;
o Our preservation commitment and strategy for the collections we retain;
o Optimal use of available space both on and off-site;
o Optimal format for retention and preservation across disciplines;
o Advisability of duplication of copies and across formats;
o Accessibility of complementary collections that we may no longer hold at our facilities;
* Identify and describe those collections for which PSUL will take responsibility to steward for future
scholars and our consortial partners, as well as those in which we will elect not to invest stewardship

* A set of recommendations to the Collections Services Advisory Group
* An implementation schedule

Team Membership

  • Ann Snowman, Chair
  • Debora Cheney, Member
  • Dawn Childress, Member
  • Lisa German, Member
  • Rick Hart, Member
  • Kevin Harwell, Member
  • Janet Hughes, Member
  • Sue Kellerman, Member
  • Nonny Schlotzhauer, Member
  • Sandy Stelts, Member
  • Christopher Walker, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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