Team # 1044 -- WebLion Agile Team
Information Technology Services (ITS)

July 2011


Our team was dealing with multiple and constantly shifting "top" priorities, plus lack of transparency in our work and documentation. So we adopted Agile.

Team Membership

  • Christian Vinten-Johansen, Sponsor
  • Rose Pruyne, Facilitator
  • Craig Haynal, Member
  • Rob Porter, Member
  • Nick Rossi, Member
  • Leah Salter, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    All work is prioritized sensibly now, so there is a clear idea of what we should work on at any given time. All work and documentation is readily transparent to everyone in the team. The team is much more organized, much more collaborative. Our coding practices - and the quality of our code - has much improved. We are happier and much more productive.




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