Team # 1046 -- Grants and Contracts DocFinity Team
College of the Liberal Arts

March 2012


The College has been using DocFinity for5 years for faculty and staff personnel files and p-card paperwork. The system is now used by staff and administrators across the College. The next phase of the College's DocFinity initiative is to scan closed Grants and Contracts files. The Grants and Contacts DocFinity team started discussing this project in March 2012.

Team Membership

  • Carol Mellott, Leader
  • Trish Alexander, Member
  • Janice Brochetti, Member
  • Hannah Brukardt, Member
  • Shelley Butler, Member
  • Adam Clampet, Member
  • Jo Thornton, Member
  • Fang Wan, Member
  • Chris Woods, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results:

    The project will enable users to quickly and efficiently locate and view closed grants and contracts files. These files will no longer be in paper form eliminating the need for a large number of filing cabinets and making more space available for other uses. The goal is to have all the files scanned into the system by March 2014.




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