Team # 1047 -- Intervention and Registration Hold Team
Undergraduate Education

January 2013


During the 2011-2012 year, we began to experiment with registration holds in cases in which DUS students were encountering academic difficulties, to try to intervene with them before they were dropped for poor scholarship. With the creation of our team, we will examine the result of those holds on student performance; we'll study the causes of failure for students who were dropped; we'll examine ways in which our registration hold program can be improved with clearer guidelines; we'll examine our policies and procedures for Entry to DUS in cases in which the student is already in academic difficulty.

Team Membership

  • Marie Lindhorst, Chair
  • Elizabeth Agler, Member
  • Tammy Bowersox, Member
  • Joan Miller, Member
  • Rachael Wiley, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results

    We hope to develop a more specific intervention tool and plan for students on whom a hold is placed. We expect to adjust our policies and procedures for entry to DUS especially in situations of reenrollment and reinstatement. We have already been monitoring the numbers of students who are dropped for poor scholarship, and hope to lower that number. We expect to develop metrics for measuring the specific impacts of the registration holds.




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