Team # 1049 -- Email and Calendaring Task Force
Information Technology Services (ITS)

January 2012


This is one of 7 Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) task forces. This task force was charged with providing a quasi-Project Charter to direct the ongoing and future implementation of email and calendaring for the University. The Charter will be delivered to the ITLC Board. We envision the Charter being utilized by a Governance Board for Email and Calendaring and by the Implementation Team for Email and Calendaring to ensure a uniform approach to email and calendaring for University faculty and staff.

This Task Force builds on the work of an earlier University Committee which determined that Zimbra would be the platform upon which to build the University Collaboration Service (UCS). It was not within the scope of this Task Force to re-open the discussions that led to the adoption of Zimbra as a University-wide platform for email and calendaring. Thus the primary assumption of the committee was that we are creating a charter for the implementation of, migration to, and eventual universal adoption of UCS as the email and calendaring platform for University faculty and staff.

Notes: More information on this task force is available via the ITLC wiki at:

Please contact the Team co-chairs with specific questions related to this Task Force.

Team Membership

  • Greg Madden, Co-Chair
  • Karen Mitchell, Co-Chair
  • Dave Ache, Member
  • Scott Bitner, Member
  • Jerry Ciolkosz, Member
  • Giles DeStreel, Member
  • Ken Forstmeier, Member
  • Kathy Kimball, Member
  • James Moore, Member
  • Steve Neeper, Member
  • Neal Vines, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results:


    * 80% of University exclusively utilizing new service by August 2015

    * 100% of University exclusively utilizing new service by August 2017

    * NOTE: numbers are based on an estimate of 1000 migrations per month for a total faculty/staff population of
    approximately 45000

    * NOTE: current migration numbers were provided by Karen Mitchell, UCS Manager, ITS

    • A third of the target market is currently on UCS (1/4 colleges, 50% academic, 14% admin units, and 72% of
    campuses (not including Great Valley, Dickinson and the College of Medicine) are all on.




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