Team # 1055 -- Wireless as a Common Good Task Force
Information Technology Services (ITS)

January 2012


This is one of the 7 Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC) Task Forces. Common Good Wireless goals are paraphrased from the IT Assessment and the ITLC

- Ubiquitous wireless coverage throughout the University.
- A common, high-quality user experience throughout the coverage area.
- Cost savings in both equipment and support.

Special Considerations

- These goals apply to facilities having fiber facilities available.
- Service Exceptions: ARL, Auxiliary Services, other - determined by security, governance, restrictions determined by contract, HIPPA, other
- Direct Layer 2 access should be allowed and under what circumstances?

Additional information on this Task Force is available via the ITLC wiki at:

Please contact the Task Force Chair if there are specific questions about this Task Force.

Team Membership

  • Steve Updegrove, Chair
  • David Cochrane, Member
  • Tyler Davis, Member
  • Charles Enfield, Member
  • Lou Faulhaber, Member
  • James Foreman, Member
  • Mike Giornesto, Member
  • Tim Grattan, Member
  • Randy Hegarty, Member
  • Tom Long, Member
  • Phil Masfield, Member
  • Steve Selfe, Member
  • Joel Weidner, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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