Team # 1058 -- Probationary Period Evaluation System
College of the Liberal Arts

January 2013


The human resource staff within the College is investigating how to streamline the new employee probationary period evaluation process. The current process is completed by hand and involves sending notifications, reminders, and a hard copy evaluation to each new employee and their respective supervisor at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month period. Our goal is to utilize technology to create a more streamlined process while also creating new features to increase efficiency.

Team Membership

  • Ned Balzer, Co-Leader
  • Travis Freehauf, Co-Leader
  • Sean Moeller, Member
  • Betsy Will, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results:

    An online automated system that will send, monitor, track, and complete the new employee probationary period evaluations. Once you enter a new employee and their supervisor into the system, it will send out instructions, notifications, and reminders at each time period throughout the probationary period. It will also notify HR if supervisors have not completed the evaluations by the appropriate time. This system will eliminate the paper evaluation and will make available an online and form-fillable evaluation that can be signed electronically. This system will have several other features to include an online database and tracking features creating a more streamlined and efficient process.




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