Team # 1059 -- Background Check Process Team
Finance and Business

April 2013


Due to significant needs for background checks in 2012, the Recruitment and Compensation group created a process for requesting, implementing, and reviewing background checks which now numbered in the thousands per month. Although background checks had been completed since 2004 for new employees, based on the new policies that were put in place in 2012, AD39 and HR99, we needed to make significant changes to the process. The members of this team spent extensive hours reviewing the current process and making recommendations to streamline the collection and input of the background checks. They also created numerous communication documents including instructions for using the publicly-available websites, revised forms for the Human Resources Reps to submit requests, and a new self-disclosure form for use following a background check. They created a process for the review and communication of negative results including a committee review of any difficult findings. They led the process to complete an RFP to review a new background check vendor which will allow much more of the process to be automated in the future.

Team Membership

  • Mary Beahm, Leader
  • Rachele Brida, Member
  • Naomi Tatum, Member
  • Katherine Troutman, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results:

    Since April 2012, the Recruitment and Compensation group processed over 22,500 background checks, approximately 10 times the volume completed the prior year. Each background check required the review, input, and maintenance of at least 3-4 separate forms totaling almost 100,000 documents. This was accomplished with minimal additional temporary staffing support and as of January 2013, we are up-to-date with background check requests and are preparing to implement the new vendor for background checks that was selected as part of the RFP.




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