Team # 1060 -- Workplace Learning Gateway
Finance and Business / Information Technology Services (ITS)

July 2012


A need to improve the accessibility to all of the learning resources available to employees across the University system was identified as a result of needs assessment conducted by CWLP in early 2012. Faculty and staff often had problems finding the learning resources and not knowing where to go to find what they needed on Penn State’s website. As a result, the team worked to determine the best improvement process or solution to close this gap and the Workplace Learning Gateway concept was born. The Workplace Learning Gateway team worked to develop a website dedicated to centralizing Penn State’s vast learning and training resources for faculty and staff. The website was created in collaboration with OHR’s Center for Workplace Learning & Performance and ITS Training Services. The final product was the creation of a website that contains a comprehensive list of all of the learning resources located in one central website enabling easy access for faculty and staff.

Team Membership

  • Sue Cromwell, Member
  • Alesha Drapcho, Member
  • Dave Feist, Member
  • Travis Fisher, Member
  • Michael Keller, Member
  • Chris Lucas, Member
  • Kathleen Wolfhope, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The Workplace Learning Gateway ( launched in September 2012. The site contains information and links to over 20 learning and training resources available to faculty and staff, as well as resources surrounding ethics, compliance, safety and security. The website has collected over 4,000 hits since being launched, and we will continue to measure website traffic through online analytics. We also hope to continuously grow our list of training and learning resource partners.




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