Quality Endeavors Issue No. 102 August 2007

New Format for Quality Endeavors

In response to feedback from the April 2007 Quality Endeavors subscriber survey, the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment (OPIA) has improved the format of the newsletter. 

Respondents expressed interest in each of the established sections of the newsletter, including: the feature article; shorter pieces on useful concepts related to planning, assessment, or improvement; information on Quality Advocates and other programs; and announcement of new OPIA publications.  Each of these sections will be continued, although each section may not appear in every issue of the newsletter.  Respondents also provided suggestions for future feature articles. OPIA will incorporate those topics into the planning for future issues.

Respondents asked for easier access to individual articles and sections of the newsletter.  To provide that, the format of the newsletter is being restructured.  This issue is in that new format.  The contents of each issue of Quality Endeavors will be announced via a brief e-mail to subscribers, will be posted on the OPIA Web site, and will be available via RSS.  Readers will also be able to print a copy of the Web version of the newsletter in a printer-friendly format.  From the e-mail or Web version, readers will be able to link directly to individual longer items, such as feature articles and new publications.

Additionally, OPIA will provide a “Feedback” option on the main Web pages of the new format so readers can provide additional feedback as they read the publication.




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