Appendix 1. University College

Campus Administrative Structure

The chancellor, as the chief administrative officer of a University College campus, reports to the Vice President for Commonwealth Campuses and is responsible for administering all affairs of the University on the campus and within the campus area, including resident instruction, continuing education, and research. The director of academic affairs (DAA) is the chief academic officer at each University College campus and holds authority delegated by the chancellor for the academic affairs of the campus including the faculty, curriculum, the library, academic advising, registration, and learning centers.

No uniform structure is required for the administrative staff of a campus, although a chancellor is expected to organize staff for the following functions: student programs and services, budget and finance, business services, resident instruction, continuing education, admissions and enrollment services, development, and community and University relations. The administrative staff in these areas is directly responsible to the chancellor but has consultative responsibilities to the Vice President's staff and college administrators in respective areas.




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