II. Academic Policies

Faculty Service

As a state-related research university, Penn State has a responsibility to provide instruction, research, and service to the public and the Commonwealth. The public expects that reasonable service without additional financial support is implicit in its support of the University from public funds. Because the University expects faculty to provide reasonable public service without extra compensation, program and department heads are encouraged to recognize this service in the assignment of other responsibilities and in decisions concerning faculty evaluation, tenure, and promotion.

Faculty members are expected, as part of their commitments, to provide professional and public service commensurate with the responsibilities of their position. All faculty are encouraged to provide expertise to public officials and bodies and to nonprofit private organizations. While major commitments of time may require formal arrangements for reimbursement for released time and/or expenses, it is a normal professional responsibility for faculty to provide consultation services without reimbursement to colleagues and to their discipline. Lecturing within the University community is considered a part of service to colleagues and the public.