II. Academic Policies

Retirement and Resignation


Information on retirement can be obtained from Employee Benefits, 814-865-1473, in the Office of Human Resources.


Notification of resignation by a faculty member is expected to be early enough to obviate serious inconvenience to the University. Therefore, a faculty member should not give fewer than four months' notice of resignation. For faculty members who teach, it is expected that such resignation shall be effective at the end of a fiscal year. Thus, the final date for a faculty member who teaches to tender a resignation is March 1, to be effective June 30, in a particular year (see University Policy HR-52, "Resignation from University Employment").

Emeritus Rank

Emeritus rank is granted in recognition of meritorious service to the University. Unless specifically not recommended, emeritus rank is granted upon leaving the University to those holding the rank of professor, associate professor, librarian, associate librarian, senior scientist, or senior research associate, or to personnel classified as executive, associate dean, or director of an academic unit. To be eligible, individuals in those ranks or positions must be either age 60 or older with 10 or more years of service at the University, or have completed 25 years or more of service at the University, and have held an eligible rank at Penn State for a period of at least 5 years prior to leaving the University. The privileges of emeritus rank are described in University Policy HR-25, "Emeritus Rank."