IV. Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavors

Research Administration

The associate vice president for research and director of sponsored programs has responsibility within the office of the vice president for research for overseeing the operation of the University's administrative support systems for faculty and staff engaged in grant and contract activity. The University Research Council (URC) and the Administrative Committee on Research (ACOR) provide advice and assistance to the associate vice president in the development and administration of research policies, programs, and procedures.

Sponsored Programs

External solicitations of funds that will be awarded to the University to support a faculty member's project (a sponsored project) are administered by the appropriate University offices, such as the Office of University Development or the Office of Sponsored Programs. Assistance in project planning, budget building, and proposal preparation is available from a variety of offices and individuals, including the associate deans for research, University institute and consortium research directors, chancellors or directors of academic affairs, and departmental staff.

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides resources to the college research offices as well as individual faculty in locating funding opportunities for their projects by employing a number of national databases and services. Faculty can also search for current funding opportunities at www.research.psu.edu/osp/find-funding.

All proposals and awards for sponsored projects at Penn State are processed through the Office of Sponsored Programs at University Park or the Office of Research Affairs in the College of Medicine. The University requires prior approval of all proposals and awards to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and University policies and procedures especially any that involve human research participants. Please note that only designated officials are empowered to submit proposals, accept grants, negotiate terms, or execute contracts on behalf of the University.

Faculty Responsibilities

While sponsored funds may allow a great deal of freedom to conduct a project, they also carry a concomitant level of responsibility for proper stewardship. Each sponsored project must have a designated leader, a principal investigator or project director, who has the primary obligation to see that the terms of the grant or contract are fulfilled. To assist faculty in this responsibility, the University provides administrative services and has established procedures to help meet both sponsor and University administrative requirements.  Faculty are encouraged to utilize the myResearch Portal located at www.myresearch.psu.edu. The portal provides investigators with real-time, web-based access to administrative data associated with their sponsored portfolio.  Please note that access to the portal requires the use of a second factor authentication token (Secure ID). In addition to the portal, faculty should contact their college research office for additional information and specific support.