V. Benefits and Personnel Policies


Parking areas are reserved for faculty and staff at the University Park campus; however, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the public transportation provided whenever possible. Faculty and staff who wish to park a vehicle on campus must obtain a parking permit through their department. The college will authorize specific parking area assignments based on permit allocation availability. A hangtag parking permit or transponder, to be displayed at all times on the rearview mirror or windshield while parked on campus, will be issued. Faculty and staff members are required to park their vehicles in the areas to which they have been assigned. If the assigned lot is not available, for any reason, please proceed to the nearest orange (open staff) or commuter lot. Signs are posted at the entrance to each parking area identifying the area and specifying the reserved hours.

Parking registration fees are paid annually or by monthly payroll deductions. Faculty and staff who wish to park on campus only occasionally may purchase a one-day parking permit at any of the parking information booths upon arrival to campus. Additionally, individual, one-day parking permits may be purchased in advance at the University's Parking Office, 1 Eisenhower Parking Deck, or Visitor Center. The one-day permit allows the user to park in the commuter lots.

Parking maps and regulations are available from the department parking chairperson, information booths, or Parking Office. Parking regulations are strictly enforced and unpaid violations may be deducted from the violator's pay or processed at the District Justice. For further parking information, call 814-865-1436 Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Other Campuses

At campuses other than University Park campus, faculty and staff parking assignments are made through the hiring department or the director of business services. Vehicles are required to be registered, and a valid parking permit must be displayed at all times while parked. Faculty and staff members traveling from other campuses to University Park may park in any orange (open staff) or commuter lot. A valid home campus permit or a one-day University Park permit must be displayed. Faculty and staff members traveling to University Park campus in University vehicles may park in any legal space that is not metered or otherwise reserved by signage.