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Farming in Space Resources
Presented at the PA Farm Show

Plant ExperimentsThe 2001 PA Farm Show was a great success! We explored the challenges of growing food in space by conducting two plant experiments, compared simulated Mars and lunar soil with Earth soil, shared past plant research in space and anticipated plant research on the International Space Station and Space Shuttle and discovered fascinating information about planets in our solar system. We even got to watch a live NASA update on the International Space Station via live NASA TV.

As I promised, I have listed below the contact information and/or web address with information on how to obtain copies of the free CDs, plant experiment guides, and simulated Mars and Lunar soil. I have also included some helpful links on growing plants in space and how to obtain live NASA TV.

Free Educational CD-Roms

Computer GamesThe contact information for each CD is different. Please note that the Imagine the Universe CD is a copy of the three websites listed below (Imagine the Universe, Starchild and Astronomy Picture of the Day). Hence, you may not need to request this CD if you have access to the Internet.

Earth Curricula 2000 (K-12)
Jackson and Tull
PCs In Space
Attn: Tom Devlin
P.O. Box 810
Seabrook, MD 20703-0810
Phone: 1-800-375-2344

Imagine the Universe (K-12)
Features the following three websites:
Imagine the Universe:
Astronomy Picture of the Day:
Order online:

Mars Navigator (5-12+)
Dr. Cheick Diarra
JPL Mars Educational Outreach Manager
Phone: 1-818-354-5428

Space Shuttle Academy (5-12+)

Simulated Mars and Lunar Soil

Simulated Mars and Lunar SoilNASA is offering free simulated Mars and Lunar soil to educators and researchers. To request your sample, send a letter to:

Office of the Curator
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX 77058






Plant Experiment Guides

No Soil? (K-4):

Space Farming: (9-12):

More Farming in Space Resources

NASA Spacelink (search for "space farming" or "growing plants in space")

NASA STELLAR activities related to farming in space

How To Obtain Live NASA TV

Check out the recent online article "I want my NTV":

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