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Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium
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Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Initiative
with Space Explorers, Inc.
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The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Initiative is an innovative partnership with Space Explorers, Inc (SEI) designed to bring the latest technology education programs into classrooms across the state of Pennsylvania. The initiative will award interactive Internet packages in up to 46 elementary, middle and high schools across Pennsylvania with placement in 2-3 schools per Congressional District.

The programs, Moonlink, Marslink, and NEARlink, were developed by SEI in collaboration with NASA and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. They are some of the very first programs designed specifically for the Internet and are supported by a standards based, online curriculum. The interactive programs focus on areas of science, math, and technology in grades 3-12.

While many schools would like to participate in programs such as Moonlink, Marslink and NEARlink, they often lack the necessary funding. The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Initiative has been created to help overcome these financial barriers and to provide more students access to the latest educational opportunities.

The cost of the Marslink and NEARlink programs is $500. The Moonlink program costs $450. Of this amount, the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium will fund $250. Other Marslink and NEARlink Initiatives may then match this money on a one-to-one basis as the need exists. As a result, full funding may be available for your school. For more information on the other Marslink and NEARlink Initiatives, visit and

The Moonlink website is
The Marslink website is
The NEARlink website is

For more information about the Moonlink, Marslink, and NEARlink program or the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Initiative, contact Tim Lewaren, SEI, at 1-800-965-3763 ext. 262.

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