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Let us know if you have any questions about workshop content or logistics. We're here to help!

What is the process for the workshop application?

How do I apply to the Penn State Grad School?

Open this instructional step-by-step PDF and follow the instructions for the student status that best describes you.

I've applied to the grad school and gotten a notification about a health certificate and being vaccinated for MMR, what do I need to do?

You don't need to do anything. As a non-degree student you are not required to submit this paperwork.

Where are the workshops held?

All workshops are held at the University Park campus of Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania.

For detailed location information, see our Housing and Travel Page.

How do I get there?

Please see our Housing and Travel Page for detailed information.

Where will I stay during the week?

Educators will be staying at the Days Inn in downtown State College. You will be adjacent to the Penn State campus and within walking distances of dining, music and entertainment.

If I rent a car, or stay off campus, where can I park?

There is free parking for participating educators staying at the Days Inn and for all commuters. If you are making other lodging arrangements simply state that on your application and you'll be welcome to park at the Days Inn as a commuter.

What is the schedule for the week?

Orientation will begin at 8am on Monday. Classes will conclude by 3:00pm on Friday. PLEASE do not make travel arrangements to leave before 3:00pm. Each day the workshops will begin at 9:00am and continue through 5:00pm with breaks in the morning and afternoon and 1.5 hours for lunch (on your own).

Where is my classroom?

Each of the workshops will be taught in a different classroom on campus.

You will be receiving information particular to your workshop with your pre-course materials. Included in the materials will be a map with your classroom location information.

What fees am I responsible for?

Grants from NASA, the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium, the National Science Foundation, and other supporters provide participants with funding to cover fees, housing, materials and supplies, classroom materials, and the majority of tuition. Please see our overview page for full details.

You will pay a tuition fee ($300 in-state, $500 out-of-state), provide your own transportation to get to Penn State and pay for meals while you're here.

How will my bill arrive?

You will receive an acceptance status via email in April. If you are accepted, you will receive a tuition fee bill ($300 in-state, $500 out-of-state) from the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium to be paid within two weeks of your acceptance email.

What should I bring?

State College weather (as well as classroom temperatures) can be unpredictable. The Penn State campus is large and there will be some walking required. To best enjoy your workshop experience, please bring appropriate clothing, footwear and other workshop necessities as noted below:

  • Jacket
  • Umbrella
  • Casual workshop attire. We suggest dressing in layers for comfort in classrooms that may vary in temperature.
  • Comfortable Shoes (Essential!)
  • Appropriate clothes, hiking boots and a water bottle (if you have a field trip as part of your workshop)
  • Workout/Swimming Gear (there are a number of facilities on campus)
  • Laptop (if you have one available. There is wireless access in each classroom.)
  • Pre-course materials

How do meals work?

Meals will be on your own.

How do I get my PSU ID and computer account?

For those of you who have taken workshops previously, you may be aware of "permanent" and "temporary" Penn State computer accounts. To enable you to have immediate internet access on campus, a temporary account will be created and given to you on Monday morning which will be good until the end of the summer. This temporary account will enable you to get online and complete your coursework during the week, but will not enable you to access all of the resources available to current students.

If you would like to take full advantage of the library and the discounts at the Penn State online computer store, you will need to activate your permanent computer account at a signature station while you're on campus. We'll talk more about that at the orientation session on Monday morning and there will be plenty of time during the week to activate your permanent account if you wish.

I want more campus information, where can I go online?

How do I receive my Act 48 credits?

Penn State is an Act 48 approved provider. Professional educators are encouraged to confirm that this program fits their school district’s professional development plan for Act 48. Earn 60 contact hours toward fulfilling Act 48 requirements by attending this entire program.

To report your Act 48 credits, go to Penn State’s Registrar’s web site at http://registrar.psu.edu and under “Related Information” click the “Act 48 – Report Coursework” button. Follow instructions from there.

Should I bring a computer?

Yes, you should bring a computer if you want to, but it isn't required and if there is misuse of it during class you'll be asked to leave it at the hotel. There will be free wireless at the Days Inn and on campus.

Will I have computer access on campus?

Part of the registration process involves creating a Penn State access account for you which allows you to logon to any computer on campus. You will be assigned a username and a password which you will receive upon arrival to the workshop.

Is my notebook computer/tablet compatible with the wireless connection on campus?

Yes, your notebook computer/tablet should be compatible if you have a compatible wireless network card. Once you get your temporary computer account, go to http://wireless.psu.edu/wireless.html for more information and follow the online instructions to connect to Penn State's wireless network.

Do you offer non-credit courses?

No, the workshops are for credit only and you'll receive two graduate credits for a 5-day course.

You haven't answered my question, how do I contact you?

Email Alli Fox at spacegrant@psu.edu or call 814-865-2535 for assistance.

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I really liked being able to use the equipment to run hands-on experiments. The professors gave suggestions about what experiments could be done, but they allowed us to go in a different direction if we preferred.

Anonymous attendee of Astrophysics Workshop in 2011

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