2014 Summer Schedule

Black Hole WorkshopThe Origins and Fate of Our Cosmos: Understanding Big-Bang Cosmology

July 21-25
For Educators Grades 6-12

This workshop will introduce cosmology, the study of the Universe as a whole. We will cover what modern observational and theoretical work has taught us about the origin, fate, and nature of the Universe. The pillars and successes of the Big Bang model will be examined in detail. Modern ideas about space, time, and gravity will also be explored.

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Particle Astrophysics WorkshopHands-on Particle Astrophysics

July 28-August 1
For Educators Grades 9-12

This workshop will feature hands-on explorations of high-energy messengers from extreme cosmic phenomena, such as Galactic supernova blast waves. Strategies for classroom implementation will be highlighted.

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The instructors were very inspirational, and they provided many tools that I plan to employ in my classroom.

Additionally, the instructors are true educators! They were very active in the lab, provoking thought, providing guidance, and they were truly enthusiastic about their teaching.

Brian Markley, Cathedral Preparatory School, Erie, PA
Attended Renewable Energy Technologies Workshop in 2008

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