2011 Workshops

This Summer. Get Smarter. Watch a video introduction to our workshops.

Find your way to Penn State, Get Ready to Work Hard, and We'll Take Care of the Rest!

  • Earn Credit Towards Your Teacher Professional Development Requirements
  • Free Tuition, Free Materials, Free Housing
  • Earn Two Graduate-level Credits
    from Penn State for Act 48 Compliance
  • Make Your Classroom More Engaging
  • Engage in Classroom Activities with Peers from Across the Country

Complete workshop details coming soon.

Summer 2011 Workshops

Engaging Your Students in Astronomy

July 18-22 • Educators Grades 5-9

Hands-on Particle Astrophysics

July 25-29 • Educators Grades 9-12

Astrobiology: The Interdisciplinary Search for Life in the Cosmos

August 1-5 • Educators Grades 5-9

Black Holes: Gravity's Fatal Attraction

August 1-5 • Educators Grades 6-12