Joel N. Myers

Joel N. Myers

President, AccuWeather, Inc.

Dr. Myers is founder, president and chairman of the board of AccuWeather, Inc., the nation's largest and best-known commercial weather service, providing forecasts and data to over 10,000 clients around the world. AccuWeather is located in State College, Pennsylvania, and employs 270 people, over 70% of whom are Penn State graduates. Dr. Myers received his B.S. ('61), M.S. ('63), and Ph.D. ('71) degrees from Penn State. As an undergraduate, he was an editor of The Collegian, vice president of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, and a staff member at WDFM. He received numerous awards, including the American Meteorological Society's Father Macelwayne Award and a National Science Foundation Fellowship. In August 2000, he was honored in Israel with the Theodor Herzl Award of the Jerusalem Fund of Aish Ha Torah and in June 2003 he was named winner of Ernst and Young's Western Pennsylvania Entrepreneur of the Year award.

He served on the faculty from 1964 until 1981 as instructor, lecturer and assistant professor and had taught weather forecasting to approximately 17% of all practicing meteorologists in the United States upon retirement in 1981.

Dr. Myers was heard regularly on major radio stations throughout the Northeastern states for more than a decade. He also appeared on a state-wide television weather show for seventeen years. The New York Times in 1971 called him "the most reliable man in the forecasting business."

Dr. Myers has authored more than 75 papers and articles, including a cover story in Scientific American and he has delivered over 100 invited speeches and lectures. He has also appeared on many radio and television shows, including "ABC Nightly News," "To Tell the Truth," "The Nightly Business Report" and "The Larry King Show." He has been quoted in Time, Forbes, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, National Geographic, and The Economist and more than 250 other newspapers and magazines. Dr. Myers has received the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters' annual "Taking Pride in Pennsylvania Business" award and was inducted into the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame in May of 2000. For 28 years Dr. Myers has been listed in Who's Who in America.

Dr. Myers recently became a Commodity Trading Advisor and started a new company called Weather Prophets, Inc., which is involved in managed futures. In August 2005, he was named to the Steering Committee of the American Meteorological Society's newly formed Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise (CWCE).

Dr. Myers was elected to the Board of Trustees by the alumni for a three-year term beginning July 1981, and reelected for succeeding terms, until June 30, 2014.

The title of Trustee Emeritus was conferred upon Dr. Myers on July 1, 2014.

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