Cecile M. Springer

Cecile M. Springer

President, Springer Associates

Mrs. Springer was first appointed to the Board of Trustees by Governor Thornburgh on May 5, 1981 and continued to serve through 1995.

During her 14-year tenure on the board, she served on all committees. Special committee assignments included chairwoman of Educational Policy, 1991-93 and vice chairwoman 1982-83; chairwoman of Affirmative Action, 1988-90; chair of the Nominating Committee 1994-95; Board of Directors of the Renaissance Fund 1984-91 and membership on the Executive Committee 1982-92. Mrs. Springer served on the Trustee Presidential Selection Committee in 1990; and was a member of the Distinguished Alumni Award Screening Committee in 1983, 1988-89, and 1991-95.

The title of Trustee Emerita was conferred upon her in September 1995.

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