Quentin E. Wood

Quentin E. Wood

Retired Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Quaker State Corporation

Mr. Wood was first elected to the Board of Trustees by the delegates from industrial societies in 1976 and was reelected for four succeeding terms. He was elected President of the Board in January 1979, and reelected as President in 1980 and 1981.

During his 18-year tenure on the board, he served on all committees including the committee on finance from 1976-94 and was a member of the executive committee in 1978 and from 1982-94. Mr. Wood served as Liaison to The National Development Council from 1987-94; was Trustee Liaison with the Athletic Department from 1977-80 and 1982-83; served as chairman of the Presidential Selection Committee in 1981; and also served on the Presidential Selection Committee in 1990.

The title of Trustee Emeritus was conferred upon him in September 1994.

February 2007