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This page offers resources for all members of the faculty. The majority of these links are related to Senate responsibilities, but some are included here because we believe faculty members may find them useful or interesting. In addition, information about Senate committees, agendas, minutes, reports, and other topics internal to the Senate may be found on the About the Senate page. The Recent Senate Activity section lists special committee charges, schedule for officers visits to campuses and colleges, and similar information.

Many issues that the Senate takes up originate with communications from indivdual faculty members who have deep concerns about particular issues. We cannot resolve every concern. However, the Senate can be effective for raising issues that need attention.

If you have issues or questions, communicate them to a Senate officer or a college or campus Senator. (See Senate
Membership List)

Additional Links

Special Report from the Health Care Task Force - April 18, 2014

Policy AD72 - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse

Academic Integrity Policy

Affirmative Action

ANGEL Course Management System


Behavioral Threat Management

Campus and College Governance Chairs


Ethics, University

Executive Vice President and Provost

Faculty Handbook

First-Year Engagement Plan Resources

Instructional Space Task Force Blog

Part-time Faculty Handbook

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Guidelines for Faculty Governance Organizations


Planning and Institutional Assessment

Resources for Reporting Wrongdoing

Vice Provost for Educational Equity
(Diversity Resources)

Unit Constitutions

University Registrar

University Undergraduate Advising Handbook

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Video Conference Rooms and Contacts List

Workload Policies by Unit

Workplace Violence

Curriculum Resources
Promotion and Tenure

University Promotion and Tenure Review

HR-23 Promotion and Tenure
Procedures and Regulations

HR-23 Administrative Guidelines




Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Senate Committee on Faculty Rights
and Responsibilities

HR76 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Petition Form

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