Appendix B Bachelor of Arts Requirements

BACHELOR OF ARTS --Bachelor of Arts degree majors require 9-24 credits distributed among three categories. In addition, students are expected to complete credits required by their college and major.

Foreign Language (0-12 credits): Must attain 12th credit level of proficiency in one language. This proficiency must be demonstrated by either examination or course work.

The B.A. Fields (9 credits): Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Arts, Foreign Languages, Natural Sciences, Quantification. Courses may not be taken in the area of the student’s primary major. Foreign language credits in this category must be in a second foreign language or beyond the 12th credit level of proficiency in the first language. Credits must be selected from the list of approved courses at:

Other Cultures (0-3 credits): Students must select 3 credits from the list of approved Other Cultures courses at: Students may count courses in this category in order to meet other major, minor, elective, or General Education requirements, except for the General Education US/IL requirement.

These B.A. requirements are listed at the beginning of the descriptions of each college or school that offers the majority of the B.A. majors, or are listed under individual B.A. majors.

Revised: 10/26/04

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