32-00 Advising Policy

32-10 The University's Advising Program

The policies of Section 32-10 describe the structure of the University's advising program.

Oversight of the University's academic advising program rests with the University Advising Council. This Council will be appointed by the Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education and will consist of two faculty who are members of the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education, two students, two academic advisers, and two administrators. One representative from each of the following units will be appointed as an ex-officio member: Office of the University Registrar, World Campus, and Continuing Education. The Council will have sufficient authority to aid all academic units in improving the delivery of their advising programs in accordance with the criteria for effective advising listed below. The Council will guide the following policies and assess the quality of the University's advising program.

B-1 Structure of the University's Advising Program

B-6 College, Campus, and Administrative Advising Information and Communications

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