42-00 Acquisition of Credit

42-50 Credit by Examination (CRX)

Revisions to Policy 42-50 were approved by the Senate on March 13, 2012. Implementation pending ACUE action. To view revisions, see the legislative report.

In some circumstances credits may be earned through successful completion of comprehensive examinations made available by the Penn State academic units that offer particular courses. When such an examination serves as a substitute for completing all the usual requirements of a Penn State course, the credits received are described as “Credit by Examination” and are accepted as fulfilling degree requirements. A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in the examination for such credit to be awarded and to appear on the student’s transcript. Credit by Examination shall not be granted for any course previously completed for which a quality letter grade has been assigned, or for credit awarded under Senate Policies 42-80 or 42-90, or for credit earned through the College Entrance Examination Board’s Advanced Placement Program.

Students may initiate a request for Credit by Examination for a course, although the academic department or program offering the course determines whether it will make Credit by Examination available.

Credit by Examination does not result in a quality grade (A, A-, etc.) and is not included in the calculation of the student’s grade point average. Any credits earned in this manner will appear on the student’s transcript with the notation CRX and without a reported grade, similar to the way that credits appear if acquired through means such as transfer from other institutions (Senate Policy 42-80), Advanced Placement credit (Senate Policy 42-92), or Credit by Portfolio credits (Senate Policy 42-97). As with Policy 42-97, a fee may be assessed to cover the costs of the procedure (see also E-2: Credit by Examination http://www.psu.edu/oue/aappm/).

E-2 Procedure for Credit by Examination

Revised: 12/11/73 (as Rule L-4)
Revised: 2/5/74 (as Rule L-4)
Revised: 4/6/76
Revised: 5/1/84
Revised: 3/17/92
Revised: 2/29/00
Revised: 9/11/07
Revised: 9/9/08