42-00 Acquisition of Credit

42-81 Credit by Validation

Credit for courses completed at other institutions and graded the equivalent of an "A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, or C" at this institution may be obtained through credit by validation when the Undergraduate Admissions Office is unable to determine the transferability of a course through other means. In such courses, the student may request this option be used and must provide the necessary documentation. The Undergraduate Admission Office determines from the official transcript the credits to be validated and lists these credits on the Credit by Validation form. This form and the supporting documentation are forwarded to the representative of the department in which an equivalent course is taught at this University. The department representative then conducts a review, the form and extent of which the department representative determines, and reports the results of the review to the Undergraduate Admissions Office via the Credit by Validation form. The Undergraduate Admissions Office then records the appropriate entries on the candidate's record. Course numbers in the 400 series usually are not listed in the candidate's record. General credits may be granted by this method. However, the department representative validating the course may specify that a course number in the 400 series be listed in a candidate's record when the course covers topics that are substantially equivalent to a specific 400-level course. Credits are transferred, but grade points are not. Grades earned at other colleges and universities are not used in calculating a candidate's grade-point average while attending this university.

Revised: 6/3/75 (as Rule L-6)