42-00 Acquisition of Credit

42-97 Credit by Portfolio Assessment

For any academic unit that is willing to consider awarding credit on the basis of portfolio assessment for specific courses offered by that unit, an undergraduate student interested in receiving credit for college-level learning obtained in noncollegiate settings may develop a portfolio that reflects knowledge mastered, request assessment of the portfolio, and be awarded credit. The student's petition for the award of credit via portfolio must meet the following criteria:

  1. Credit is granted for college-level learning obtained during work or other experience, not for the experience itself; learning must be documented and must represent college-level achievement.
  1. Credit without grades is awarded only to enrolled students.

  2. Credit is awarded at the undergraduate level.

  3. Credit cannot duplicate other course work that the student has already completed, nor can the student then enroll for credit in a course for which credit already has been granted via portfolio assisted assessment.

  4. Credit may be awarded following an evaluation of the portfolio by an individual faculty member or a team of faculty members and/or other selected personnel with expertise in the subject matter to be evaluated.

  5. Credit earned via portfolio is designated on the transcript in the same manner as transfer credit.

A fee is assessed to recover the costs of providing the service.

E-10 Credit by Portfolio Assessment Procedure

Initial Legislation: 2/27/96
Revised: 3/25/97