47-00, 48-00, and 49-00 Grades

48-50 No Grade (NG)

If an instructor does not submit a grade for a student by the grade-reporting deadline and a deferred grade was not requested and approved (see policy 48-40), the symbol NG (no grade) appears on the student’s transcript until a grade is submitted.

The NG is to be reconciled within five weeks following the posting of the NG. If a grade is not forthcoming by that deadline, the registrar's office shall automatically change the NG to an F. A missing grade that is automatically converted to an F can later be corrected in accordance with Senate Policy 48-30.

Students with NG on their transcripts will not be allowed to graduate.

G-2 No Grade (NG) Procedure

Initial Legislation: 4/26/88
Revised: 3/15/11
Revised Editorially: 8/30/11