54-00 Academic Warning, Drop Action, and Reinstatement

54-52 Baccalaureate Degree Candidates

A baccalaureate degree candidate shall be dropped as a degree candidate for unsatisfactory scholarship based on the following table:

Total Credits Scheduled Grade-Point Deficiency*
24 to 39.5 21 or more
40 to 69.5 18 or more
70 to 99.5 15 or more
100 and more 12 or more

This schedule of actions shall not apply to a baccalaureate degree candidate who has earned a 2.00 average or better in the semester under question.

Revised: 10/14/75 (as Rule P-22)
Revised: 11/11/75 (as Rule P-22)
Revised: 1/9/79
Revised: 11/9/82
Revised: 1/19/93
Revised: 4/25/95