54-00 Academic Warning, Drop Action, and Reinstatement

54-56 Drops by Colleges

  1. The dean of the college, subject to the review of the faculty of the college, may require that a candidate be disenrolled from a major in the college or from the college for failure to meet academic retention standards of the major or the college. Academic retention standards applicable to any student shall be those in effect at the time of the student's most recent admission to the major or college. A student required to disenroll from a major may transfer directly to another major subject to Section 37-00, or may be admitted to the Division of Undergraduate Studies subject to Section 39-00, expecting transfer to another major later. If not accepted for enrollment in another major or in the Division of Undergraduate Studies, the candidate will be dropped from degree status.

Note: A candidate who is disenrolled from a major and who previously has completed the allowed enrollment time limit of the Division of Undergraduate Studies, as specified in Section 39-50, may be allowed one additional semester of enrollment in that division. Failure to relocate into another major in the specified time will cause the candidate to be dropped from degree candidacy under Section 39-80 unless Section 54-52 applies.

  1. The dean of the college, subject to the review of the faculty of the college, may at any time recommend to the President that a candidate enrolled in that college be dropped as a degree candidate at the University if the candidate is, in the opinion of the faculty, not adaptive to the work of the college.

I-5 Drops (or Disenrollments) By College

Revised: 6/3/75
Revised: 4/4/78