58-00 Re-enrollment as a Degree Candidate

58-20 Persons to Whom Policy is Applicable

The University recognizes that a student's progress toward an undergraduate degree may be interrupted for a variety of reasons. This policy applies only to former degree candidates and allows individuals in the following situations to request permission for the resumption of status as a degree candidate:

  1. A student who has withdrawn as a degree candidate from the University in accordance with the policies and procedures for withdrawal in Section 56-30;
  1. A degree candidate who has interrupted continuous enrollment by not enrolling in credit courses for one semester, except:
    1. A degree candidate who is not enrolled in courses during the summer session;
    2. A degree candidate who is on academic leave of absence and returns to the University under Section 56-70;
    3. A degree candidate who is identified as an adult learner and is enrolled in a program that permits a break in otherwise continuous fall/spring enrollments for adult learners.

  2. A degree candidate who voluntarily changed to a nondegree student;

  3. A student who wishes to return for a semester other than the one approved for a leave of absence in accordance with Section 56-70;
  4. A student who has been dismissed or suspended from the University for nonacademic reasons and who has been cleared for re-enrollment by the director of the Office of Student Conduct;

  5. A student who has received a baccalaureate or an associate degree from the University and wishes to pursue a second undergraduate degree;

Note: Under certain circumstances, it may not be possible for a person who requests re-enrollment as a degree candidate to be re-enrolled into the degree program in which the person was previously enrolled. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, changes in the candidate's academic credentials and the candidate's previous degree program, including termination of that degree program.

K-1 Re-enrollment as a Degree Candidate Procedure

Revised: 4/26/05
Revised Editorially: 7/6/11