82-00 and 83-00 Degree Requirements

82-60 Exceptions to Degree Requirements

Prior to certification of a student for graduation, the dean of the college in which the candidate is enrolled may approve exceptions to college or University course requirements. If the degree sought is a baccalaureate degree, college requirements must include General Education (Appendix A.1). If the degree sought is an associate degree, college requirements include General Education (Appendix A.2). Exceptions to General Education requirements may be approved by the dean only if they are within the intent of the Senate policies, and they are subject to review by the faculty organization of the college.

Prior to a student's certification for graduation, the chairperson of the department, program, or division involved may approve exceptions to requirements of the major, subject to the review of the appropriate dean.

Requests for extraordinary exceptions to graduation requirements must be submitted to the Senate Subcommittee on Academic Standards of the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education for approval or disapproval.

All approved exceptions to degree requirements must be maintained on the Integrated Student Information System and recorded in a timely manner.

L-2 Degree Checking

Revised: 3/25/97