Revisions to Senate Policy 42-50, Credit by Examination/Proficiency Examination,
Appendix C

Gregory Ziegler, 2006-2007 Committee Chair


Gregory Ziegler, College of Agricultural Sciences: The committee thinks the report is self-explanatory, so now I will answer questions.
David Salvia, College of Engineering: There were two issues brought up at the Engineering Caucus yesterday about this report. Item number two talks about the credit by undergraduate proficiency examination, and says when a department requires an examination for initial placement in a course or course sequence; the credits received are described as credits by undergraduate proficiency examination. For example, in Chemistry there is an examination for CHEM 110 that is not required and it is not an initial placement, but that is one that a student can earn credit for. I think the wording should be changed from requires to offers and the word initial might be removed completely.

Chair Blasko: Greg are you taking that as a friendly amendment?

Gregory Ziegler: I think the committee could accept that.

David Salvia: The second issue was the continuing confusion about placement exams that do not earn credit, particularly in language courses. I spoke with Carey Eckhardt after our meeting this morning and she clarified it for me. I am wondering if there should be more clarification in this legislation for programs that do have a placement exam but do not offer credit. The wording is covered by the phrase “if any” and we were wondering if that would be sufficient?

Gregory Ziegler: So the issue is whether or not there should be an explicit statement in this policy regarding those kinds of examinations? My sense would be not, because this is a policy on credit by examination and I don’t know where else to place it.
Caroline Eckhardt, College of the Liberal Arts: Having been invoked, I think that I view what you just said now, that this policy concerns only the granting of credit. I also think that the inclusion of “if any” is a very important modification to the present way that the wording is stated, because the departments are under no obligation to offer credit by examination, or to offer examinations for this purpose. Leave space for the wide variation that currently exists among departments across the whole University. It is up to the department or faculty whether they wish to give an examination by which students can seek to obtain credit or not.

Chair Blasko: Any other questions? This report has been brought to the floor by the committee and it needs no second. Are we ready to vote? All those in favor of this report, press number 1 and enter. Opposed, press number 2 and enter. If you are having problems voting with the Personal Response System then we will do a voice vote, if that is alright with the parliamentarian. All those in favor of this legislation, please say Aye.

Senators: Aye.

Chair Blasko: Opposed say Nay. The Ayes have it. The report passes.

Post-meeting note: Following the Senate meeting Liberal Arts senator Caroline Eckhardt raised concerns about the floor amendments proposed by Engineering senator David Salvia. Senate chair Dawn Blasko requested that this matter be referred back to the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education for review at their October 23 meeting.