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T H E   S E N A T E   R E C O R D


Volume 38-----December 7, 2004-----Number 3


The Senate Record is the official publication of the University Faculty Senate of The Pennsylvania State University, as provided for in Article I, Section 9 of the Standing Rules of the Senate, and contained in the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the University Faculty Senate, The Pennsylvania State University, 2004-2005.


The publication is issued by the Senate Office, 101 Kern Graduate Building, University Park, PA 16802 (telephone 814-863-0221). The Senate Record is distributed to all libraries across Penn State and is posted on the Web at at “Publications.” Copies are made available to faculty and other University personnel on request.


Except for items specified in the applicable Standing Rules, decisions on the responsibility for inclusion of matters in the publication are those of the Chair of the University Faculty Senate.


When existing communication channels seem inappropriate, senators are encouraged to submit brief letters relevant to the Senate's function as a legislative, advisory and forensic body to the Chair for possible inclusion in The Senate Record.


Reports that have appeared in the Agenda for the meeting are not included in The Senate Record unless they have been changed substantially during the meeting, or are considered to be of major importance. Remarks and discussions are abbreviated in most instances. A complete transcript and tape of the meeting is on file. Individuals with questions may contact Dr. Susan C. Youtz, Executive Secretary, University Faculty Senate.




I.          Final Agenda for December 7, 2004                                                              Pages ii-iii


II.         Minutes and Summaries of Remarks                                                              Pages 1-9


III.       Appendices

                  A.  Internet Security Presentation                                                           Appendix I

                  B.   Attendance                                                                                     Appendix II






A.        MINUTES OF THE PRECEDING MEETING                                                 Page 1


            Minutes of the October 26, 2004, meeting in The Senate Record 38:2



B.         COMMUNICATIONS TO THE SENATE                                                 Pages 1-2


            Senate Curriculum Report of November 23, 2004



            Committee on Committees and Rules Editorial Revisions to the

            Designations of three Curricular Affairs Subcommittees


C.        REPORT OF SENATE COUNCIL – Meeting of November 23, 2004              Page 2


D.        ANNOUNCEMENTS BY THE CHAIR                                                     Pages 2-4



            PROVOST RODNEY ERICKSON                                                            Pages 4-7


F.         FORENSIC BUSINESS                                                                                   Page 7


G.        UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                                                               Page 7


H.        LEGISLATIVE REPORTS                                                                                         


                  Undergraduate Education


                        Revision of Senate Policy 83-80: Limitations on Source                     Pages 7-8

                        And Time for Credit Acquisition






                        Computing and Information Systems


                              Information Technology Fee Usage – FY 2003-2004                       Page 8


                              Internet Security: Surviving the Storm                                                Page 8

                              [ten minutes allotted for presentation]


                        Senate Council


                              Summary of Fall 2004 Officers’ Visits to University                          Page 8



                        University Planning


                              Status of Construction                                                                      Page 8

                              [ten minutes allotted for presentation]


K.        NEW LEGISLATIVE BUSINESS                                                                    Page 9


L.         COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE                                Page 9



M.        ADJOURNMENT                                                                                            Page 9


NOTE:   The next regular meeting of the University Faculty Senate will be held on Tuesday, February 1, 2005, at 1:30 p.m. in room 112 Kern Graduate Building.




            The University Faculty Senate met on Tuesday, December 7, 2004, at 1:30 p.m. in room 112 Kern Graduate Building with Kim C. Steiner, Chair, presiding. There were 214 Senators who signed the attendance sheet and/or were noted as having attended the meeting.


            Chair Steiner: Please come in and sit down. We are very nearly ready to start. I want to remind you to turn off your cell phones and pagers. Thank you.




            Chair Steiner: Agenda Item A, minutes of the preceding meeting. The October 26, 2004, The Senate Record, containing a full transcription of the proceedings, was sent to all University Libraries and is posted on the Faculty Senate Web site. Are there any corrections or additions to the minutes of the October meeting? May I have a motion to accept?


            Senators: So moved.


            Chair Steiner: Seconded?


            Chair Steiner: All in favor of accepting the minutes of October 26, 2004, please say, “Aye.”


            Senators: Aye


            Chair Steiner: Opposed, nay? The motion carries and the minutes are approved.


                  By the way, if you look at those minutes for the Harrisburg meeting (I did this yesterday) you will see that we had an attendance at that meeting of 155 members of the Senate—elected and appointed members. Then I did some other checking with other minutes, and that proves to be about 75 percent of our normal attendance. Now not 75 percent of the total Senate membership, but 75 percent of normal attendance, which considering the circumstances I think is a very respectable showing. I want to congratulate Senate members for making the effort to attend, because I know that in most cases that was an extra effort for most of us. I have heard only positive comments about the meeting, so I think that this experiment with a non-University Park meeting was a successful one.




            Chair Steiner: Agenda Item B, Communications to the Senate: the Senate Curriculum Report of November 23, 2004, is posted on the University Faculty Senate Web page.


            Also, the Senate committee on Committees and Rules has made editorial revisions to the names of three Curricular Affairs subcommittees, and you will find this communication in Appendix B of today’s Agenda.


            Finally, President Spanier has directed the implementation of three legislative reports that were approved at the October 26, 2004, Senate meeting. From the committee on Committees and Rules, action to revise the Bylaws entitled, “Revision to Bylaws, Article III, Section 7 (Senate Absences),” and action to amend the Constitution entitled, “Amendment to Constitution, Article II, Section 5c (Student Representation).” From the committee on Admissions, Records, Scheduling, and Student Aid, action to revise Senate policy entitled, “Proposal for Revising Senate Policy 47-45 (Grading System for M.D. Candidates).”




            Chair Steiner: Agenda Item C, Report of Senate Council, the minutes of the Senate Council meeting of November 23 are attached to today’s Agenda.




            Chair Steiner: Agenda Item D, Comments By The Chair. The Senate officers concluded our fall visits to non-University Park campuses with trips to York and Mont Alto on October 26 and 27, Behrend on November 3, and Shenango and Beaver on November 17 and 18. In addition, we made a special trip to meet with the faculty at the Dickinson School of Law on November 10. On December 15, we will hold debriefing meetings with Provost Erickson and with Diane Disney, Dean of the Commonwealth College. University Park units that we will visit in the spring semester include the Division of Undergraduate Studies, Libraries, the School of Information Sciences and Technology, and the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Arts and Architecture, and Business.


            My duties as Chair Elect and Chair have taken me to 18 of Penn State’s non-University Park campuses, mostly as part of our scheduled fall visits. As you probably know, these visits are not merely tours of campus. We generally read printed material about the campus in advance; we hold separate meetings with students, faculty and the administration of the campus; and very often we are hosted to a special luncheon or dinner. We learn a lot on these trips.


            Each campus, and sometimes even the campus community, has its own distinctive character or personality. One’s understanding of the University expands immensely through the experience of these visits. I consider it a privilege to have had this uncommon opportunity, and I am sure those visits will be a prominent part of my memory of these two years in Senate leadership. Now I did not say fond memory, but it is true that I have asked Susan to invite me to visits next fall so that I can complete my tour. I do not know whether I will actually do that when the invitation comes, if it comes. It depends on my schedule, but it seems kind of a shame to drop out of the marathon now with the finish line so close. It has been a great experience, and as I stand here today, I really would have liked to have been to all of our non-University Park campuses during these two years.


            The Faculty Advisory Committee to the President met on November 23, and the topics that were discussed during that meeting are listed in the minutes of Senate Council, which are included in today’s Agenda. One of those topics was the situation with the Dickinson School of Law. I made a rather lengthy statement on the Dickinson situation from a Senate perspective in my remarks to Council two weeks ago. Those remarks are included verbatim in the Council minutes, and I encourage you to refer to those minutes if you have an interest in the Dickinson matter. Right now, the University is awaiting action by the Dickinson Board of Governors, but the Senate leadership will continue to monitor the situation and consult with the administration when necessary.


            On October 12 and 13 of last month Jamie, Susan, and I attended the Annual Meeting of the CIC Faculty Governance Leaders at the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana. For those of you who do not know, CIC is the acronym of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, which is the academic consortium of the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago. Among the topics discussed were academic misconduct, university budgets, faculty development, and involvement of faculty in shared governance. Near the end of the meeting, some of us strongly encouraged the idea of organizing future meetings as faculty governance workshops. Workshops would maximize the utility of these meetings for freshly minted faculty leaders. I hope this can be done, but however it turns out I think that our Senate leadership should continue to participate in these meetings. My strong sense is that our Faculty Senate is viewed with respect by our peer institution colleagues, and our participation and leadership in this annual meeting are important.


            Well, it seems as though the Senate year has just begun, but it is already time to prepare for spring elections. Candidates for Secretary and Chair Elect of the Senate, membership on the Faculty Advisory Committee to the President, and the committee on Committees and Rules are nominated by the Senate Council Nominating Committee, which will convene on January 18. This committee consists of all elected Senate Council members and is chaired by the Immediate Past Chair of the Senate, Chris Bise. Candidates for other Senate-wide elections – for membership on the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee, the University Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, and the Standing Joint Committee on Tenure – are nominated by the Committee on Committees and Rules, which is chaired by Pam Hufnagel. Of course, we want to have the best possible candidates for these positions. So I would like you all to think about who among your acquaintances and your colleagues on or off the Senate, in the case of some of these committees, might be good candidates for any of these positions. I am just going to ask Chris to stand up. Chris is the Immediate Past Chair, and he is chairing the Council nominating committee. Pam, would you please stand. Please talk to Chris or Pam, if you have any suggestion about candidates for these positions.


            Two weeks ago, the Senate officers and Doug Brown, Chair of Curricular Affairs, previewed a demonstration of the Electronic Course Proposal and Review System, which was just renamed this morning by Curricular Affairs, to the Course Submission and Consultation Systems Process. I think the system looks very promising, and that is speaking as somebody who had pretty long experience dealing with these proposals from the department end of the process. Even so, after hearing this presentation we sent the development team back to the drawing board with a lot of suggestions. The hope is that a pilot run of the system can be conducted this spring with two or three University Park and campus colleges. If that occurs and things go well, we should see this system go live for all colleges in the fall of next year.


            At the last Senate meeting, I mentioned the new Senate Web site. The site is now up, and we have a new, easy-to-remember URL I am also pleased to say we got tremendous cooperation from Steve McCarthy in changing the University’s home page in a way that you can easily find the Faculty Senate from Penn State’s home page. I challenge you to try and you will be right there in a moment. Thanks, Steve, and thanks also to Rod Erickson for providing some special support for this project and to Terrell Jones for providing the services of his office’s web coordinator to see this project through.


            Finally, I wish to alert you to an important academic symposium coming up on February 25 and 26 entitled, “The Future of the American Public Research University.” This meeting is being sponsored by the Penn State Alumni Association and the Center for the Study of Higher Education, and the organizers have lined up a very impressive slate of speakers from across the country. This is the brochure, I picked up in the back as I was coming in. I am sure there are still some available, and if you have an interest in this subject I encourage you to pick it up and go to that meeting; which I am going to try to do too, although it will depend on another meeting I will be attending.




            Chair Steiner: Agenda Item E, Comments by the President of the University. President Spanier is not able to be with us today, but I would like to call upon Provost Rodney Erickson to offer comments on behalf of the University administration and answer questions.


            Provost Erickson: Thank you, Chair Steiner, and good afternoon everyone. Provost Erickson opened with an anecdote.


            At this time of the year, I can share with you a few things that are on my mind. First, I want to thank all of our faculty who were very diligent in holding classes during Thanksgiving week. As you may recall, we set aside Wednesday as a travel day with the idea that Monday and Tuesday would be full days of instruction, and that we would not have students heading off earlier in that week. This has become a cycle over the years. Of course, the farther you back up the vacation, the earlier some folks take off regardless. Some people have suggested that we should just take the whole week off. Then I have said, “Well the Wednesday or Thursday before, here at University Park, the buses would begin to roll out.” I know it is not nearly as much of a problem at the campuses. I think we have made some concerted improvement in that situation. The only way we are really going to change that, is if faculty are very vigilant about holding courses on Monday and Tuesday of that week, and not acquiesce to low attendance on those days, so I thank you. Also, we have done some classroom checking just to get some benchmark data of how we are doing, and there was a definite improvement this year at University Park. I hope that we can continue that trend of improvement.


            One of the other things that is on my mind this time of the year is commencement, which will be coming up at many locations in the next couple of weeks. That is always the time of the year when I think it is a really special time. You get to see a lot of happy faces, interact with our students, interact with their parents, and so forth. There is one group of faculty here at University Park, we refer to them as the University Marshals Corps, and at the other campuses there are faculty that regularly; semester-in, semester-out, year-in, year-out, participate in organizing the activities of commencement and other special events. These folks are really the heroes behind all of these events that go on, and probably none is more complicated than commencement. There are a number of you here in the Senate that are either members of the Marshals Corps here at University Park or who are regular volunteers at your various campuses, putting these events together in your academic regalia; and I would just for a minute like to ask all of the members who are involved in these kinds of activities to stand, so we can recognize everything that they do. (Applause)


            One of the other things that is on my radar screen right now is the Social Security Number conversion. I cannot begin to describe how complex and complicated a task this is. We are changing over from our current system that relies on Social Security numbers to a different Penn State identification number. There is a unique nine digit number now that starts with a nine for your University ID. Remember that we still have to retain Social Security numbers for anyone who is employed by Penn State, anyone who is on our payroll. So for a huge number of our Penn State community, we will have two numbers operating simultaneously. Of course, that is going to require a changeover period. Hopefully, all of you have been following the discussion that has been going on. The changeover period will be over the upcoming holiday break, and all of our administrative systems will be down between December 19 and January 3. That includes elion as well. We have tried to make information broadly available about this occurrence, so that all of our faculty would understand the timing of turning in grades, and students would understand that as of midnight on December 18, there would be no more access to elion. So I want you to be aware of that situation. I suspect that when January 3 rules around, we will have some small amount of changeover glitches that inevitably occur, because of the complexity and the local nature of things. Many aspects of this changeover really has to occur in the local units that you are involved in, not just centrally. So we hope that goes as smoothly as possible. Our IT staff will be working very, very hard over the holidays to pull this off. I can probably alert the faculty that you may get some telephone calls from desperate students after December 18, who simply cannot appropriately celebrate the holidays until they know the grades they got from you.


            One other thing that I have looked at recently is the employee head count data. This is something that I get (the census) regularly about this time of the year. I look at the data from the standpoint of year-to-year changes as well as the long-term. For example, I was just looking at the data between fall of 1996 and fall 2004. I think there are a number of interesting aspects there. Over that eight year period, the number of full-time faculty at Penn State across the University increased by 802. That is about a 19 percent increase in the number of full-time faculty over that eight-year period. So we have indeed been adding to the faculty ranks quite significantly, while many of our peer institutions have been shrinking in terms of their faculty. Sixty-five percent of the net change was accounted for by woman faculty. There was almost a 74 percent increase here at University Park. Similarly, there was a 62 percent increase in the total number of minority faculty across the University. There was an 84 percent increase in African American faculty, 58 percent increase in the number of Hispanic American faculty, and 167 percent increase in the number of Native American faculty. So I want to thank the faculty, who has helped to make possible much greater diversity in our faculty ranks. We have accomplished a lot over the last eight years, but we have miles to go yet. You folks are on the frontline in terms of hiring, and we could not have made this progress without a strong commitment on the part of faculty, department heads, and deans to achieve greater diversity among our faculty ranks.


            November 30, is an interesting day that we also watch, because of the undergraduate admissions cycle for fall 2005. Every year is different, we encourage students to have their applications in here by November 30, although, the admissions application cycle runs somewhat later at many of our campuses. We had a surge of applications in the week before November 30. I suspect that many of our students are now waiting until the very last minute to hit that send button, knowing it will go over the internet, and there is no worry about snow storms, snail mail, and all of the other kinds of things that afflicted many of us in our generation. As of November 30, we had over 34,000 applications, which is up about four percent from last year. Actually, it is the highest number that we have had at this date in Penn State history. First choice applications were up at all but two of our campuses, and so I think that is a very good piece of information, however, now the tough work of the process begins. That work of converting applications into paid acceptances is everyone’s business, whatever campus we happen to be at, to get the highest yield rate, and to get the best possible students we can bring to the University. Similarly, I found it interesting that applications for study abroad are up thirty percent for this spring, which I think is really good news in terms of the level of student interest in studying abroad. I think it becomes increasingly challenging to get visas and so forth. We have had pretty good success here, in fact, more so than some of our Big Ten counterparts. I find that very gratifying, and I encourage the faculty to continue to urge our students to take the opportunity, if at all possible, to study abroad.


            Finally, I would call your attention to the Penn State Economic Impact Study. You may have read about it or heard about it in the media over the last couple of weeks. It is a very interesting study. As I think most of us knew beforehand, the impact of Penn State across the Commonwealth is indeed huge. It is in excess of $6.1 billion a year, the largest non-governmental influence of any organization in the Commonwealth. So I encourage you, if you have not already checked that out at Penn State Live There is a summary of the study there, as well as much of the press coverage that surrounded it. With that, Chair Steiner, I would be happy to take questions.


            Chair Steiner: Thank you, Provost Erickson. Are there any questions for the Provost?


            Jeffrey Nealon, College of the Liberal Arts: I wonder if you could give us an update on what is happening with child care on campus here at University Park. The Child Development Lab, which has been run by one of our colleges for more than 75 years is closing, somewhat constricting some of our slots here at University Park. Those slots are already about 50 percent fewer than many of our peer institutions. It is fewer than Ohio State and Michigan. I wonder if the University or the college really should not be in the child care game—are there any plans for trying to absorb and or expand some options for child care on campus here.


            Provost Erickson: I would be happy to respond to that. There are several different aspects. First of all, I think everyone should understand there has been a lot of misinformation about the Child Development Lab closing. Yes, it will close somewhere in the neighborhood of two years at the earliest, when the Henderson South Building is demolished and we construct a new building there. Yes, it is closing, but the children who are at the Child Development Lab will be absorbed into the Bennett Family Center. The Bennett Family Center will no longer offer kindergarten, now that the public school system offers full-day kindergarten. At the Bennett Family Center, they will be able to accommodate an equivalent number of students, in terms of the total number of slots, which have been accommodated at two separate facilities. So that is one aspect.


            The second aspect that the Penn State community needs to understand, is that the Bennett Family Center and the Child Development Lab are really unique facilities. They are not general child care facilities. They are facilities that are run as teaching, learning, and research facilities by the College of Health and Human Development, for those express purposes of being part of their academic program.


            In 1996, the University as part of its child care study, created the plan that led to the building later on of the Daybridge Child Development Center at Innovation Park, and the consolidation also, or the move I should say, of the facilities that were in the old CEDAR Building to the Bennett Family Center. A new facility created expressly for the College of Health and Human Development. At that time, it was indicated that the long range plan was to build another child care facility on west campus, primarily to serve additional families as well as to serve the west side of campus. We have indicated that we will undertake a study of the demand for additional child care at the University Park campus. We will do that over the next several months, and will have parent input into that to see what the level of demand is. If that level of demand is there and we can support an additional facility, the University, as we said several years ago, was prepared to do that.


            Chair Steiner: Any other questions? This seems like a very somber group on this rainy anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.


            Jean Landa Pytel, College of Engineering: You mentioned the increase in the number of classes held during the couple days before Thanksgiving break, but we have been hearing some disturbing reports that facilities in the HUB, for example, where not moving in the same direction, in terms of closing. The support systems that are there normally on a day-to-day basis were kind of shutdown—let us say prematurely. I am wondering if something could be done in terms of coordinating, so the students and faculty who are here, do not feel like they made a mistake when they are in the HUB.


            Provost Erickson: Jean, that is the first I have heard of it, but we will certainly check into it. I was not aware of that.


            Chair Steiner: Anyone else? Thank you, Provost Erickson.










            Chair Steiner: Agenda Item H, Legislative Reports. We have one Legislative Report today. It comes from the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education and appears on today’s Agenda as Appendix C entitled, “Revision of Senate Policy 83-80: Limitations on Source and Time for Credit Acquisition.” Art Miller, Chair of the committee, will present this report.




Revision of Senate Policy 83-80: Limitations on Source and Time for Credit Acquisition


Arthur C. Miller, Chair Undergraduate Education


            Art Miller: Thank you. The revision is pretty simple. There are three policies that you can petition for exceptions. Two of those were submitted to the dean and one to the subcommittee on Academic Standards. To make the process consistent, our committee decided to make the policies the same, all petitions go to their dean. If you go back over the last four years, only six petitions where submitted to the subcommittee and all were approved. I will now take questions.


            Chair Steiner: Any questions for Art on this proposal? This report has been brought to the floor by committee and needs no second. Are we ready to vote? All those in favor of this legislation, please say, “Aye.”


            Senators: Aye.


            Chair Steiner: Opposed, nay? The ayes have it. The motion passes. The Senate has approved this legislation and it will be sent to President Spanier for implementation. Thank you, Art, and thanks to your committee.





            Chair Steiner: That brings us to Agenda Item J, Informational Reports. We have four Informational Reports on today’s Agenda.







            Information Technology Fee Usage – FY 2003-2004, Appendix D. The Senate Committee on Computing and Information Systems prepared a report on how the Information Technology Fee was used during fiscal year 2003-2004.


            Internet Security: Surviving the Storm, Appendix E. Kathy Kimball, Director of Computer and Network Security, gave a presentation on measures to protect University computing systems from Internet security breaches. The URL address for this presentation is




            Summary of Fall 2004 Officers’ Visits to University Units, Appendix F. Dawn Blasko, Secretary of the Senate, gave a report summarizing the topics discussed during the Officers’ visits to seven campuses.




            Status of Construction, Appendix G. H. Ford Stryker, Associate Vice President

Physical Plant gave a report on the status of construction projects at University Park.

The URL address for this presentation is









            Chair Steiner:  Are there any comments?




            Chair Steiner:  May I have a motion to adjourn?


            Senators:  So moved.


            Chair Steiner:  All in favor, please say, “Aye.”


            Senators:  Aye


            Chair Steiner:  Motion carries. The December 7, 2004, meeting of the University Faculty Senate was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.


            Please note the next meeting of the University Faculty Senate will be on February 1, 2005, at 1:30 p.m. in room 112 Kern Graduate Building



The following Senators signed the Attendance Sheet and/or were noted as having attended The December 7, 2004 Senate Meeting


                 Abdalla, Charles                                                                 Casteel, Mark

                 Achterberg, Cheryl                                                             Catchen, Gary

                 Alcock, James                                                                    Cecere, Joseph

                 Althouse, P. Richard                                                           Challis, John

                 Ambrose, Anthony                                                             Cheney, Debora

                 Anderson, Douglas                                                             Clark, Paul

                 Ansari, Mohamad                                                               Clark-Evans, Christine

                 Atchley, Anthony                                                                Cole, Milton

                 Atwater, Deborah                                                               Conklin, Martha

                 Bagby, John                                                                       Conti, Delia

                 Barshinger, Richard                                                            Coraor, Lee

                 Becker, Paul                                                                       Cox-Foster, Diana

                 Benson, Thomas                                                                 Cranage, David

                 Berkowitz, Leonard                                                            Curtis, Wayne

                 Bise, Christopher                                                                Dansky, Katherine

                 Blasko, Dawn                                                                     Davis, Dwight

                 Blood, Ingrid                                                                      DeCastro, W. Travis

                 Blumberg, Melvin                                                               Disney, Diane

                 Boehmer, John                                                                   Donahue, Henry

                 Boland, Donald                                                                  Donovan, James

                 Boothby, Thomas                                                               DuPont-Morales, M. Toni

                 Bowen, Blannie                                                                  Eckhardt, Caroline

                 Bower, Robin                                                                     Egolf, Roger

                 Breakey, Laurie                                                                  Elder, James

                 Brewer, Cynthia                                                                 Engelder, Terry

                 Bridges, K. Robert                                                             Erickson, Rodney

                 Brinker, Daniel                                                                   Eslinger, Paul

                 Brittingham-Brant, Margaret                                               Evensen, Dorothy

                 Brockman, William                                                             Falzone, Christopher

                 Brown, Douglas                                                                  Farmer, Edgar

                 Browne, Stephen                                                                Feigelson, Eric

                 Browning, Barton                                                               Fernandez-Jimenez, Juan

                 Brunsden, Victor                                                                Flaherty, Jason

                 Burgess, Robert                                                                  Floros, Joanna

                 Cameron, Craig                                                                  Formanek, Edward

                 Cardamone, Michael                                                          Fosmire, Gary

                 Carlson, Richard                                                                 Frank, Russell

                 Carpenter, Lynn                                                                 Frank, Thomas

                 Carter, Arthur                                                                     Franz, George


                 Freedman, Debra                                                               Lee, Sukyoung

                 Gapinski, Andrzej                                                               Leto, Dara

                 Gates, Zachary                                                                   Levin, Deborah

                 Geiger, Roger                                                                     Li, Bing

                 Georgopulos, Peter                                                             Love, Nancy

                 Glumac, Thomas                                                                 Lundegren, Herberta

                 Goldstein, Lynda                                                                MacCarthy, Stephen

                 Gonzalez-Perez, Anibal                                                       Mara, Cynthia

                 Gouran, Dennis                                                                   Marker, Anthony

                 Griswold, Anna                                                                  Marsico, Salvatore

                 Hagen, Daniel                                                                     Mason, John

                 Hanes, Madlyn                                                                   Maxwell, Kevin

                 Hannan, John                                                                      McCarty, Ronald

                 Harris, Ashley                                                                     McCorkle, Sallie

                 Harrison, Terry                                                                   McDonald, Anita

                 Harwood, John                                                                   Mcdonel, James

                 Heinsohn, Robert                                                                Miller, Gary

                 Hellmann, John                                                                   Miller, Arthur

                 Hester, Anne                                                                      Mockensturm, Eric

                 High, Kane                                                                         Mueller, Alfred

                 Hines, Michael                                                                    Myers, Jamie

                 Holcomb, E. Jay                                                                 Namasivayam, Karthik

                 Holen, Dale                                                                        Nealon, Jeffrey

                 Horwitz, Alan                                                                     Neiderer, Catherine

                 Hudson, Benjamin                                                              Oliver, Mary Beth

                 Hufnagel, Pamela                                                                Osa, Justina

                 Hupcey, Judith                                                                    Page, B. Richard

                 Irwin, Zachary                                                                    Pangborn, Robert

                 Jacobs, Janis                                                                      Patchcoski, Justin

                 Jago, Deidre                                                                       Pauley, Laura

                 Johnson, Ernest                                                                  Peck, Kyle

                 Jurs, Peter                                                                          Pell, Eva

                 Kamp, Marie                                                                      Perrine, Joy

                 Kane, Eileen                                                                       Petersen, Gary

                 Kennedy, Richard                                                               Pietrucha, Martin

                 Kephart, Kenneth                                                               Pytel, Jean Landa

                 Kester, Mark                                                                     Rannels, D. Eugene

                 Khalilollahi, Amir                                                                Rebane, P. Peter

                 Kranzel, Jeffrey                                                                  Richards, Winston

                 Kump, Lee                                                                         Richards, David

                 Kunze, Donald                                                                   Ricketts, Robert

                 Le, Binh                                                                             Romano, John


                 Romberger, Andrew                                                           Willits, Billie

                 Ropson, Ira                                                                        Wilson, Matthew

                 Rosson, Mary Beth                                                             Wrzos, Helena

                 Russell, David                                                                     Wyatt, Nancy

                 Sachs, Howard                                                                   Yahner, Richard

                 Salvia, A. David                                                                 Yerger, Sara

                 Sathianathan, Dhushy                                                          Yoder, Edgar

                 Scaduto, Russell                                                                 Youmans, Charles

                 Scaroni, Alan                                                                      Zambanini, Robert

                 Schaeffer, Stephen                                                              Ziegler, Gregory

                 Schengrund, Cara-Lynne                                                                                  

                 Schmiedekamp, Ann                                                         Total Elected:      195

                 Selzer, John                                                                  Total Ex Officio:          5

                 Semali, Ladislaus                                                          Total Appointed:        14

                 Shuler, Patrick                                                               Total Attending:      214

                 Singh, Harjit

                 Smith, Edward

                 Smith, Carol

                 Smith, Nadine

                 Smith, James

                 Sommese, Kristin

                 Spector, David

                 Spigelman, Candace

                 Spychalski, John

                 Steiner, Kim

                 Strauss, James

                 Su, Mila

                 Tempelman, Arkady

                 Thomas, Steven

                 Tikalsky, Paul

                 Tormey, Brian

                 Triponey, Vicky

                 Turner, Tramble

                 Urenko, John

                 Vandiver, Beverly

                 Vary, Thomas

                 Vgontzas, Alexandros

                 Vickers, Anita

                 Wager, J. James

                 Wheeler, Eileen

                 Wiens-Tuers, Barbara

                 Wijekumar, Kay


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