May 2, 2001

Charges and Student Academic Progress

- At the President’s request, the charges of “misdemeanor criminal trespass and failure to obey a police order to leave” (the field at the start of the Blue-White football game) have been reduced to summary offenses that have been agreed to by the police, with the concurrence of the district attorney. This reduced charge does not require fingerprinting, does not result in a police record, and does not require further involvement of the district attorney or the county judge.

- Students approaching graduation this Spring have received a letter indicating that they will be permitted to participate in commencement ceremonies. Arrangements will be facilitated by the Office of Educational Equity for students to work with advisors and instructors to complete all necessary requirements for graduation in a flexible and timely manner. The academic progress of students in question will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. The options available to all Penn State students will be guaranteed to the students in question. Those options are a deferred grade to complete the course requirements, a waiver/substitution of course requirements for graduation, and (by petition to the Faculty Senate) retroactive drop, retroactive pass/fail for electives, and retroactive withdrawal of all courses for the semester.