Demonstrating its commitment to renewable energy resources and the environment, Penn State has announced that it will sign a contract with Community Energy, Inc. (CEI), a renewable energy marketing firm, to purchase 5 percent of the University Park campus’s electrical needs from wind energy over the next five years. The pledge establishes Penn State as a national leader in wind energy. By purchasing 13.2 million kilowatt hours annually--the energy output of three 215-foot tall windmills--Penn State will be the second largest user of retail wind energy in the United States. This energy source has zero emissions associated with it; compared to the average electric generation in the region, approximately 4,644 tons of coal and 7,914 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be saved annually. This has the equivalent carbon dioxide benefits of taking 1,130 cars off the road or planting 2,152 acres of trees.

The windmill farms that will generate the power are located in the Allegheny Mountains southeast of Pittsburgh, in the rural towns of Somerset and Mill Run.

Office of Physical Plant representatives on hand for the event include (from left to right in photo below): Ford Stryker, director of special projects; Paul Ruskin, public relations coordinator; Dave Burns, manager of utility services; and Doug Donovan, Penn State energy program engineer.