April 10, 1997......Volume 26, Issue 27

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University in top 10 nationwide for doctoral degrees awarded
Penn State was ranked No. 1 in Pennsylvania and ninth among American universities in the number of doctoral degrees awarded in 1995 by the National Research Council in a survey of earned doctorates released recently.

Undergraduates to exhibit their research
Why do battered women tend to stay with their abusers as long as they do? How may we determine the possibility of life on other planets? How can the auto industry protect your investment from the ravages of winter road salts? This is but a sampling of the record 87 undergraduate research exhibits which will be on display in the HUB Ballroom on the University Park campus during the Sixth Annual Undergraduate Research Fair, April 14-15.

Expo to showcase innovations in learning
Enter the classrooms of the future. Students are advising community planners on waste management practices and balancing the federal budget online. The classrooms themselves bear a striking resemblance to a regional planning commission meeting and a computer lab.

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