November 20, 1997......Volume 27, Issue 14

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Migrant program produces its first graduates
CAMP provides intense academic counseling, tutoring, cultural experiences, mentoring and financial aid for students like Guillermo as they make the transition from migrant or seasonal farm workers to college graduates. Under the direction of Howard E. Wray III, associate dean for undergraduate education, and Jeri R. Galaida, program director, CAMP students also attend workshops on study skills, college life and career planning. Currently, 35 students are enrolled from the eastern stream, which stretches from Maine to Florida.

Generating innovation, jobs and competitiveness for the state
Penn State's already formidable research enterprise -- the largest University-based research effort in Pennsylvania -- showed continued growth in fiscal 1997 as measured by expenditures on research activities.

Penn Stater trains for ride in space
Inside the cavernous Building 9 at the Johnson Space Center, south of Houston, Pawelczyk, assistant professor of physiology and kinesiology at Penn State -- and NASA astronaut -- was showing me around the training model of the Space Shuttle Columbia, aboard which he and six fellow crew members will circle the globe for two weeks next April. Their mission, known as STS-90 or Neurolab, will probe the effects of weightlessness on the nervous system. In addition to yielding insights into how the body adapts to space, the experiments they conduct should advance understanding of earth-bound conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and stroke.

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